Grow your Wealth with us

With a Comprehensive New Age Multi-Asset Class Solutions

Grow your Wealth with us

With a Comprehensive New Age Multi-Asset Class Solutions

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For our employee’s financial wellbeing we do a regular financial health checkup campaign with Rubik Wealth as one stop wealth strategy solution partner. The feedback from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive. Moreover, Rubik Wealth's commitment did not end with the seminar and workshop. They have continued to engage with our employees, providing ongoing support and personalized solutions. This proactive follow-up has significantly enhanced the overall experience, ensuring that our team feels supported and empowered to make informed financial decisions. I highly recommend Rubik Wealth to any organization looking to offer their employees top-notch financial planning and wealth management strategies. Thank you, Rubik Wealth, for your exceptional service, dedication, and for making a meaningful impact on our team's financial future!"

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Anshika Singh

HR Head Limitless Mobility Solutions

Their meticulous approach and dedication to understanding my unique financial situation have provided me with invaluable peace of mind. Rubik Wealth's commitment to excellence and client-focused service stands out in every interaction. I wholeheartedly recommend Rubik Wealth to anyone in need of reliable and professional financial planning services.

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Kiran M

Business Analyst Yes Bank

As a banker, I understand the importance of sound financial planning and trusted advice. When it came to planning my child's financial future and my own retirement, I turned to Rubik Wealth. The team at Rubik Wealth has been exceptional in their professionalism, expertise, and personalized approach. They carefully assessed my financial goals and crafted a comprehensive plan that addressed all my needs. I highly recommend Rubik Wealth to anyone looking for top-tier financial planning services. Thank you, Rubik Wealth, for your outstanding support and dedication

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Gaurav P

Vice President Yes Bank

When I sought investment strategy, I turned to Rubik Wealth through a strong recommendation, initially I was inclined towards real estate investments. The team at Rubik Wealth provided exceptional support in comprehensive asset allocation and tax planning, specifically for investments in India. Their deep understanding of the financial landscape, personalized approach, and thorough analysis have been invaluable. Rubik Wealth's expertise helped me diversify my portfolio effectively and make well-informed decisions. I highly recommend Rubik Wealth to anyone seeking top-notch financial planning and investment strategy specially in new age instruments.

Testimonial Item

Amit K

Lead Marketing Qatar Airways

When I reached out to Rubik Wealth for optimizing my retirement fund, I was impressed by their thorough and personalized approach. Their expert guidance not only helped me increase my monthly income but also optimized my tax liability, providing significant financial benefits. Rubik Wealth's dedication to understanding my unique financial needs and their comprehensive asset allocation strategies have been outstanding. Their professionalism and expertise have given me great confidence in my financial future.

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Dr. Hemendra S

Director SIBMT

As a professional working in Canada, I wanted to take advantage of investment opportunities in the Indian market. Rubik Wealth provided exceptional guidance in this endeavor, assisting me with mutual funds and alternate investments. Their expert advice and strategic approach resulted in high returns with minimal risk.

Testimonial Item

Jyotsna J

Global Product Owner Scotiabank, Canada

I always strive to provide valuable resources for our employees' well-being and financial security. We recently engaged Rubik Wealth to conduct a financial planning seminar for our team, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Rubik Wealth delivered an exceptionally informative and engaging seminar, tailored to our employees' diverse financial needs and goals. Their expertise, professionalism, and ability to simplify complex financial concepts were highly appreciated by everyone. The seminar not only educated our employees but also empowered them to make informed financial decisions.

Testimonial Item

Ravi M

Founder Osel Tech

I approached Rubik Wealth on the recommendation of a close friend, initially seeking advice on investing my bonus money. After engaging with their team, I decided to develop a comprehensive financial strategy encompassing my child's future, my retirement, and tax planning. They crafted a well-rounded plan that not only optimized my investments but also addressed long-term security for my family and minimized my tax liabilities. The confidence and peace of mind I now have regarding my financial future are a testament to Rubik Wealth's outstanding service.

Testimonial Item

Raghav S

Lead HR

I wanted to invest in mutual funds through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), and Rubik Wealth provided invaluable assistance in designing a portfolio that aligns with my high return and long-term goals. Thanks to Rubik Wealth, I now have a well-structured portfolio that aligns perfectly with my financial aspirations.

Testimonial Item

Siddharth P

QA Engineer Yardi Software

Having recently sold my business in Nagpur and relocated to Pune, I turned to Rubik Wealth for assistance in planning my retirement corpus. They provided invaluable guidance in creating a plan that offers better returns than traditional FDs but with low risk, tailored to my needs and future goals. Rubik Wealth's team not only focused on financial planning but also took care of crucial aspects such as medical and tax-related requirements. Their expertise and commitment to understanding my unique situation instilled great confidence in their services.

Testimonial Item

Shrikant M

Retired Businessman

When I approached Rubik Wealth with 40 lakhs from my fixed deposits, I was looking for better returns while minimizing my tax liability. Rubik Wealth provided expert advice on allocating funds across various low-risk instruments. Not only did this strategy yield better returns than my FD, but it also significantly reduced my tax liabilities.

Testimonial Item

Shraddha M

Retired Homemaker

Rubik Wealth's team took the time to understand my unique financial situation and aspirations for my family's future. They provided invaluable guidance in protecting and growing my wealth through strategic investments that align with my risk tolerance and retirement goals. Moreover, they crafted a thoughtful legacy plan that ensures my grandchildren will be well taken care of in the years to come.

Testimonial Item

Suresh B

Income Tax Officer

Rubik Wealth's team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and knowledge in crafting insurance plans that safeguard my family's well-being. They also developed a comprehensive financial plan tailored to my son's needs as he embarked on his professional career. Their dedication to understanding our specific requirements and providing clear, actionable advice has been truly commendable.

Testimonial Item

Prof Sanjay J

Professor National Law School

Our family has a long-term association with Rubik wealth, they have assisted us on some strategic real estate investment deals for my family members, and I couldn't be more pleased with their prompt and professional services. The team consistently keeps us updated on new opportunities across various asset classes, ensuring we stay informed and make well-informed decisions.

Testimonial Item

Gaurav S

Business Head Nuvama

As a visually impaired individual, managing my financial plans independently posed challenges, but Rubik Wealth has been a true wealth companion for me. They have gone above and beyond to provide personalized and doorstep services, ensuring I receive the support and guidance I need for both short-term and long-term financial planning. I highly recommend Rubik Wealth to anyone seeking reliable and empathetic financial advisors. Thank you, Rubik Wealth, for your exceptional service and dedication to my financial well-being!

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Shubhangi M

Teacher Central School

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